What: Ottoo Brand Artivism (OBA) is a nonprofit organization developing under-served communities by first helping individuals grow beyond their circumstances. With service in the arts, activism and financial education we look to empower people in their own journeys and therefore in everything they affect. On a transnational scale, we look to connect communities in Africa to communities here,  starting in our Harlem, New York City base and the Northern Ugandan roots of our founders.

OBA is a new journey in the spirit and vision of organizations like Impact Repertory Theatre, New Heritage Theatre Group and the City Kids Foundation.



Artivism BAMN



The OBA Brand Values: #ARTivism is…

  • Culture – art, music, movement, theater, film, media, fashion, global life
  • Prosperity – financial literacy, entrepreneurship, growth and wellness
  • Truth – honest, challenging dialogue on cultural norms, attitudes, purpose and issues making an impact on our lives
  • Aesthetics – to stay critically creative and innovative by making style as important as substance


Who?: OBA combines programming, partnership, and presentations to support and actively engage:

  • Youth and Young Professionals
  • Transitioning Adults and Home Managers
  • Entrepreneurs and Adult Professionals
Business Plan Email Blast Pic

OBA’s First Strategic Business Plan 2014-2020 (contact us for a copy of the executive summary!)

How: With your help! OBA delivers free programming, workshops, and events by combining our strategy and sweat with your donations, in-kind contributions and giving of your time, talent and expertise!

Vision: OBA will push the culture of #ARTivism by combining the creative and innovative with leadership, service and a global mindset. We look to invest in the present and future of US and African communities by encouraging access and sustainable self-sufficiency. We believe a dynamic “safe space,” consistent learning environment, and resources to grow are critical. OBA looks to create impactful levers of change by providing a platform for artists, activists and professionals to share knowledge, be change agents and mentors.

Dr. Richard E. Ottoo, Speaking on Development Issues of the New Global World

OBA Archives: Dr. Richard E. Ottoo discussing development issues in Africa at the City College of New York Graduate Center.

Where in Africa?: OBA’s other half is the PADER (Organization), working first on the ground in the founders’ native country of Uganda by rebuilding war torn communities with the same objectives as the New York City based OBA.

  • PADER flows from the experiences of Dr. Richard E. Ottoo in community activism, scholarship/academia, finance, banking and economics. It’s an acronym for:

Partnership for Action, Development,

Entrepreneurship/Education, and Reconciliation.

OBA Co-Founders Emilia A. Ottoo and Dr. Richard E. Ottoo

Where Again?: From the bases of Harlem, New York City and Uganda, OBA empowers youth, artists, activists and professionals with global awareness and international reach. OBA is also always interested to partner with like-minded organizations! Our goals will push the passion of our mission and create models for #ARTivism beyond our organization.

Giving Page Image GLP

Ottoo Brand President Emilia A. Ottoo at “The Green Light Party” with youth from the Impact Repertory Theatre of Harlem, co-founders Voza Rivers (far left, of New Heritage Theatre Group, Harlem Arts Alliance) and Jamal Joseph Sr. (far right, of New Heritage Theatre Group, City Kids, Columbia University)


Ottoo Brand Artivism and PADER launched officially on Friday, May 24th 2013 at “The Green Light Party,” which took place at the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations in New York City.

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