Check in with “Dr. Susan” Gitelson, author of “Giving is Not Just for the Very Rich,” to learn more about philanthropy and the impassioned work of giving for all walks of life. Dr. Susan has provided mentorship to Ottoo Brand Artivism President Emilia A. Ottoo and continues to consult, educate and lead in her brand of international relations, business, scholarship, and philanthropy. She also attended “The Green Light Party,” engaging with all the guests, dancing, and saying a few words on OBA/PADER, her book and the power of giving. We will continue to feature and celebrate the distinguished Dr. Susan on the website through “Dr. Susan’s Corner.” Thank you Dr. Susan!

Dr. Susan Herself        Giving Book


As Dr. Susan “The Giving Doctor” wishes JOY to you and your family this holiday season, she has completed a series of media interviews on giving for the holidays. The message is always to give to others, e.g., through City Harvest and Citymeals-on-Wheels, and you will feel terrific yourself. View here a few of NewsMakerTV videos:


Dr. Susan’s Giving Book available on Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback editions!


dr susan amazon


A Word from the Book of Giving

Read a small excerpt on volunteerism,  “VOLUNTEERS :  How to get started and thereby to enrich your life!” from Dr. Susan’s Giving Is Not Just For The Very Rich:  A How-to Guide For Giving and Philanthropy:

Click here–>Dr. Susan on Volunteerism

sr susan volunteer


Dr. Susan on the Radio

Catch Dr. Susan’s interview on the blog talk radio show Uncommon Giving” by Rock the World Network. Listen and download for free on iTunes! Scroll down to “Giving Is Not Just For The Very Rich” released on April 19, 2013.


Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson answers many questions about the reasons to give and how to give wisely in “Giving Is Not Just For The Very Rich: A How-to-Guide for Giving and Philanthropy.” Gitelson says her book will help readers clarify their priorities, choose charitable organizations wisely and become aware of how to make a real impact. From baby boomers to young entrepreneurs, there are numerous practical ideas for giving back, which not only help others, but also allow donors to feel better about themselves.

Gitelson gives examples of the wealthiest donors who act as pacesetters, but then goes on to consider other ways for everyone to give time, ideas and assets to help others. She offers examples of innovative givers, social entrepreneurs, celebrities, government officials, nonprofit professionals, volunteers and social media networkers who also have a positive impact on society. Analyzing the major areas for giving, she reviews religious philanthropy, education K-12, higher education, science and health, arts, culture and humanities, sports, multipurpose umbrella organizations, awards and international aid.

Craig Joseph, Love from Dr. Susan Gitelson to Emilia A. Ottoo

Host Craig M. Joseph with Dr. Susan Gitelson showing love and support to Emilia A. Ottoo at the launch of Ottoo Brand Artivism-PADER at the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations.



           Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson is President of International Consultants, Inc. She has been Co-Chair of the Dean’s Council of the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). She is a National Vice President of the American Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as well as a member of the Board of the Harry S. Truman Research Institute on the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University. She has also been a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy. Currently she is a member of the Board of Overseers of the Museum of Jewish Heritage/A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. She has also been on the advisory boards of the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies at the City University Graduate Center and the Center for the Study of the Presidency. In addition, she has supported the Columbia SIPA Gitelson Policy Forum, the Gitelson Peace Publications of the Truman Institute, and many other programs and awards. Her books and articles have been published on four continents. Columbia University awarded her its prestigious Medal for Conspicuous Alumni Service.

           Dr. Susan received her B.A. from Barnard College and her M.I.A. and PhD from Columbia University. She was a trainee at the Rockefeller Foundation and then an assistant professor of international relations at the Hebrew University. Subsequently she has been active in international business.

Brief Book Summary: “Giving is Not Just for the Very Rich”

           A how-to guide on philanthropy, this book will help you refine your priorities, become aware of how to make an impact, and choose charitable organizations wisely. It advises  you how to create meaningful, innovative contributions that will benefit others and enhance your own sense of well being.

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