Brooklyn Draws Ottoo Brand & Art Lovers with Dumbo Arts Festival

Ottoo Brand Artivism President Emilia A. Ottoo and Artivist Jarrett “Jaay Parks” Parker took an underwater F train to the Dumbo Arts Festival 2013 in Brookyln, New York. “A 3 Day Celebration of Art, Music & Performance,” this free and public event certainly did not disappoint. With them were 200,000 people, 400 artists, 100 studios, 50 galleries and stages, 100 programming partners, murals on the street, dancers, and poets throughout the neighborhood, on street corners, and in the park (Pictures in the GALLERY!)

They also checked in with the DUMBO Dance Festival which featured 80 companies and 450 performing artists, including one of Emilia A. Ottoo’s  current Hip-Hop dance instructors Ms. Valerie Ho, dancing with Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie and Ephrat Asherie Dance for an excerpt of “A Single Ride.” Ottoo Brand encourages you to enjoy all the culture around New York City, some of the best art in life is free!

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