Art, Hip Hop, and NYC Culture Aficionados Globally Mourn the White Wash of 5Pointz

Waves of emotion have flooded art, Hip Hop, and cultural communities worldwide as the historic 5Pointz in Queens, New York; known as a mecca to some and creative dreamland to many, was suddenly white washed overnight less than one week ago.

The sprawling warehouse in Queens adjacent to MoMA Ps. 1 has transformed over 12 years and is home to over 1,500 artists from around the world. As a result of NYC re-zoning efforts, building owner Jerry Wolkoff plans to demolish the building and erect high rise condominiums in its place.

Despite Wolkoff’s claim that white washing overnight under police protection was a measure to avoid the “torture” of watching the pieces torn down brick by brick, many perceive it as a rather cruel and unnecessary attack. Especially as some note, since the pieces could have been photographed or extracted before demolition; providing added opportunity for finance and appropriate closure.


The white wash and announcement of demolition have come in the immediate wake of a collective of writers (also known as graffiti artists) and enthusiasts circulating a petition for ownership of the property and rights to preservation.

View here The Guardian’s article for more before and after shots of 5 Pointz

View here more details & Wolkoff’s comments in The New York Times article

View here The Wall Street Journal article for development plan details

View here 5Pointz origins and RIP tags in The New School article

Ottoo Brand Artivism-PADER salutes the legacy of 5Pointz.

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