Brandon LéRon – Artist Spotlight

Brandon LéRon – Jazz, R&B, Pop Vocalist

Brandon LeRon

Brandon LéRon performed live at “The Green Light Party” which launched Ottoo Brand Artivism and PADER.  His objective as an artist is to liberate people through music, performance art, and advocacy of human rights, including LGBTQIA rights and gender equality. He looks to inspire positive change on every stage he touches and with every note he sings.

Listen to Brandon LéRon here:


Brandon LéRon is a 24 year old singer, actor, dancer, and songwriter who in 2012 moved to New York City from Virginia to pursue a career in pop music.  He is a graduate with a degree in Psychology from Christopher Newport University. He is also an activist for social equality, hoping to make a significant impact on the world of pop music with his messages through songs and political activism. He has been performing on stage since the age of 6, vocally blending a unique mixture of musical theater, jazz, gospel, and pop. Brandon LéRon cites his biggest musical influences as Whitney Houston, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Patti LaBelle, and his mother.

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