Juanita Pearl – Artist Spotlight

Juanita Pearl – Dancer, Actor, Model

Juanita Pink HS

Juanita Pearl performed an original dance piece at “The Green Light Party” which launched Ottoo Brand Artivism and PADER on May 24th, 2013. Crafting choreography to original music by Hassan “Haz” El-Gendi based on raw recordings of the founder’s discussions leading up to the launch, Juanita Pearl graced the stage powerfully fusing African, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical dance. Juanita Pearl is a Theatre Arts graduate of Pace University, New York City and is currently teaching Hip-Hop and Ballet at City Moves Dance Studio.

Visit Juanita Pearl’s website here: http://juanitapearlonline.com/

and reach her here: juanitapearl90@gmail.com


Juanita Pearl became enamored by performance around age five in a variety of venues. She began her dance education with Anna Myer at Boston’s school of Classical Ballet and as part of Myer’s original cast of her modern dance piece, Bluebird No. 173. She got her musical foundation singing on stage with her father and his blues band at Cambridge’s renowned Middle East night club. Music and Dance continued to be an essential part of her life as she aged, she enjoyed performing in community shows such as Boston Dance Company’s Nutcracker and Cinderella and Ballet Rox’s Urban Nutcracker, singing in Church Choir and briefly studying Oboe. She formally began her acting and musical theatre education at Riverside Theatre Works  studying technical theatre, acting, voice, musical theatre and performing in many  musicals and straight plays.

She is an Alumna of Pace University’s theatre and dance departments where she was gifted the invaluable experience to study under such successful artists as Melissa Mahon, Lauren Gaul, Ken Jennings, Michael DeVries, Grant Kretchik and Rhonda Miller. Attending school in NYC allowed Juanita to work and study under professionals such as Marva Hicks, Xenia Siamas as well.

Juanita is currently working in the fields of both commercial and legit dance, acting, music and modeling.

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