Sophocles Plokamakis – Artist Spotlight

Sophocles Plokamakis – Visual and Martial Artist

Sophocles BW

Sophocles Plokamakis created an art piece specially for “The Green Light Party” which launched Ottoo Brand Artivism and PADER. More than art and the martial arts, he loves learning, reading, writing, comic books, film, and Japanese culture, especially including manga and anime. He is also a tutor and teacher, using the education of visual arts to facilitate exposure, experimentation and learning in his young students. Sophocles’ objectives include publishing books of art with his own Metro Manga and Subway Sketchbooks, as well as getting his original subway art into gallery shows and design posters for the MTA. His ultimate dream is to live and study with master artists in Japan, eventually becoming a successful manga artist and publishing his own comic series.

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Sophocles Plokamakis is a cartoonist, comic artist, freelance illustrator, and private art tutor who has been drawing since he could hold a crayon. While following his dream to be a great artist he has graduated with Bachelors in Cartooning and Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Teaching art at Nest+m Public Elementary School on 111 Columbia Street in Manhattan, Sophocles has found a passion in working with children by helping the development of their potential and talent. He inspires them with every class to pursue their dreams, whether as a professional artist or in anything they choose to excel.

Sophocles Plokamakis is also a martial artist, holding a black belt in Taekwondo and having trained in multiple disciplines. He references this experience continually for his art, comics, and self-defense, though primarily training his body and mind.

Sophocles Plokamakis is the Vice President of the Greek Artist’s Guild newly founded in Astoria, New York. He is responsible for helping the organization of art exhibitions and fairs in the Astoria area, having also exhibited work in 5 exhibitions at the Stathakion Cultural Center in Astoria. He strives to unite New York based artists together. He also looks to create a larger art scene in Astoria and Long Island City by recruiting the help of nearby businesses, art galleries and institutions, to showcase the work of lesser known artists.

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