Sade Solomon – Entrepreneur Spotlight


Sade Solomon, Owner and Designer of “Haute Crowns”

Company Profile: Haute Crowns is a product line of custom hand-embellished snap back hats. Since its inception in 2013, Haute Crowns has lent itself to being an “it” accessory for every season. The Haute Crowns objective is to capitalize on its great potential as a start-up through the familiar challenges of the fashion industry, into a global and philanthropic brand. It’s vision includes being a revenue generator to support the fight against human trafficking, as well as women and youth services in under-served global communities.

Haute Magazine Look

Resort 14 Story. Model: Camilla Hernandez, Photographer: Darrell Dvinci, Hair: Sade Keith, Makeup: Keyonna Stewart.

Company Objectives: 
Sade is currently working towards featuring Haute Crowns in upcoming online and print publications as well as recognized blogs, and has recently sent samples to well-known stylists and business owners. An immediate goal is for Haute Crowns to be worn by models on the runway of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2014. She can envision the “edgy, urban, but couture crowns” complimenting designers such as D- Squared, Alexander Wang, and Jeremy Scott.

Objective as a Designer: While furthering the success of Haute Crowns, Sade is also currently working on projects that will deepen her brand, showcasing the full measure of her capabilities and skills. She hopes to inspire women and youth that “anything is possible when you put your faith in God into action; It just takes the first step.” View her Bio below for more insight.


“Royal” by Haute Crowns

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“Renew” Visor by Haute Crowns


Sade Solomon hails from the South Bronx, New York, growing up amid low high school graduation rates and marginal opportunities for social mobility in her community. Facing such odds, Sade refused to let circumstance define her and became determined to craft her own destiny. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies, she accepted a job as a caseworker for a New York City foster care agency. Being exposed to the harsh reality of subsistence disparities for New York’s children deeply affected her perception of the human experience. Soon she decided her role and ability as a caseworker was not enough to help in the way she desired; nor did it provide her with an opportunity to explore her own growth.

It was then she pursued fashion design, since then graduating with an Associates Degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. She has become a mentor and creative arts instructor in her community’s youth center and has been working relentlessly behind the scenes at United Colors of Fasion (UCOF). In addition, Sade has interned for designers such as Paul Carroll and luxury brand Proenza Schouler with a passion that can only be called electric. Having realized this passion, Sade vows to use fashion as a means to uplift and improve the lives of those much like the children she felt hindered in helping.

Sade decided to launch Haute Crowns as a platform for her creativity, from a desire to give back to her community. The Haute Crowns mission is to generate profits in an effort to support philanthropy of women’s and youth issues.


“Petal Explosion” by Haute Crowns. Model: Camilla Hernandez.

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