What’s In a Name?

The launch of  Ottoo Brand Artivism at “The Green Light Party” marked a re-launch of the original PADER concept forged in 2006 by President Dr. Richard E. Ottoo. Also known as “The Nile Enterprise Intiative,” PADER‘s original acronym stood for:

Partnership for Action, Development,

Entrepreneurship/Education, and Reconciliation

The cultural translation of PADER also means “place of light or inspiration.” Lastly and not related to the creation of the PADER organization, “Pader” is the political recognition of a new land district in post-war Northern Uganda,  adopted in the year 2000. Ottoo Brand Artivism and PADER as a non-profit organization look to work in communities within and outside of the geographical/political distinction of “Pader,” taking the name for it’s acronym and cultural significance. Learn more of it’s goals in the ABOUT section.

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