Ottoo Brand Artivism and “The New Guard”

TNG Comp



“We’re in a Crisis of Global Leadership” – Dr. Richard E. Ottoo



Ottoo Brand Artivism President Emilia A. Ottoo penned a 16 bar journey on the song “Leaders Of Today” by the Oscar and Grammy award nominated Impact Repertory Theatre, about how young people “in the field of dreams deferred, lost voices never heard” could use academics, street intellect, critical thinking and creative expression to arm themselves and the under-served with principle, purpose, and activism.

As part of the organizational mission, Ottoo Brand Artivism and PADER are utilizing mentorship, scholarship, and lessons in self-development to foster ‘the new guard’ of leadership from youth, women, the under-served, entrepreneurs, graduates and young professionals in New York, Uganda, and around the globe. All the officers of the Ottoo Brand share the passion to sow positive seeds through small and large deeds on a daily basis.

Stay tuned in the ABOUT and FOUNDERS AT WORK sections as we release more pre-launch audio footage of topics surrounding the challenges, mission and work of the Ottoo Brand in preparing the “The New Guard.” As Impact Repertory Theatre reminds us, ” We are the youth, united front above clichés, we’re not the leaders of tomorrow, we’re the leaders of today.”

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