Harlem Declares Words are Powerful.

A Million Poets on A Million Corners

A Million Poets on A Million Corners

Join Luther D. Isler and The Bomb Shelter crew based in Harlem, NYC on August 18th for “A Million Poets on A Million Corners,” a movement of spoken word arts aimed to spread to cities across the country. Envisioning the power, spirit, and artistry of events and icons such as The Million Man March, Billie HolidayThe Last Poets,  Nina Simone and Public Enemy, the “Bombing in the Streets” movement intends to make a unity of noise from complacency on issues such as race, guns, policy, and economics of under-served communities. Whether taking action personally or politically, Bombing in the Streets looks to be and encourage the change they want to see with music, movement, and poetry, penetrating minds in ways that rallies, marches, and typical speeches may not.

Join The Bomb Shelter on August 18th’s “Harlem Day” as part of the Harlem Week celebrations by seeing A Million Poets on A Million Corners at a number of locations, and later, the premiere of The Bomb Shelter SLAM TEAM on the YMCA Stage. The Bomb Shelter open mic and artist showcase also convenes 6:30PM every 4th Thursday at the Dwyer Cultural Center in Harlem, NYC.

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Presented by Luther D. Isler and Voza Rivers, The Bomb Shelter is a venue for today’s Young Adult poets to build a New Harlem Renaissance. A monthly retreat from the fallout of everyday life and forum to express our experiences, thoughts, and ideas in poetry, song, rap, and spoken word arts, “When it all goes down, we’ll be at The Bomb Shelter.”

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