Ottoo Brand Explores a 1st for Africa and America

AMNH and Uganda

Before boarding a plane for his current trip to Uganda, PADER President Dr. Richard Ottoo made his first trip to the American Museum of Natural History while honoring an invitation to tour and assist the African Collection in the Teaching and Education Department. Hosted by the gracious Lisa Breslof, Dr. Ottoo viewed instruments, art, clothing, tools, and artifacts from countries all over the African continent; relaying his general knowledge of Pan-African culture along with personal accounts of interaction with significant pieces of human history. A fitting send-off for Dr. Ottoo, he viewed things he had witnessed and even made himself as a child, bringing context and retrospect as he helped authenticate the endowed Collection. He also briefly viewed the Museum’s “Hall of African Peoples” for the first time.

As witnessed in the photo of Ottoo Brand CDO Craig Joseph and Dr. Ottoo viewing the exhibit on African/American slavery, or the commonalities found in African and Jewish traditions as discussed by Dr. Ottoo and Lisa Breslof, cross cultural experiences prompt exposure, dialogue, and critical thinking of controversial human history and its preservation; which the Ottoo Brand fully encourages. Safe travels to and from Uganda for Dr. Ottoo, and view pictures from his Museum experience in the GALLERY!

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