Ottoo Brand Artivism and the Impact Repertory Theatre Family

"The Green Light Party" 5.24.13

“The Green Light Party” 5.24.13

Special thanks to Impact’s Youth Representatives (pictured above from left) Brandon Trent, Isha Rose Diop, Cheyenne Young, Madison Solano and Khadim Diop with Voza Rivers (far left) and Jamal Joseph Sr. (far right). Additional thanks to Impact founders Joyce Joseph, Raymond S. Johnson, Alice Arlen and Courtney Bennett, as well as all board members, alumni,  current staff, and current “Boot Camp” trainees.

Ottoo Brand Artivism could not exist without the 10+ years journey of President Emilia A. Ottoo with Harlem’s own Impact Repertory Theatre, an Oscar and Grammy nominated performing arts company and leadership training program under the New Heritage Theatre Group, the oldest Black nonprofit theater company in New York City. A special thanks to Voza Rivers (New Heritage Theatre Group, Harlem Arts Alliance) and Jamal Joseph Sr. (New Heritage Theatre Group, Columbia University) for supporting the establishment of Ottoo Brand Artivism and PADER, as well as attending “The Green Light Party” with a group of Youth Representatives and parents.

THANK YOU Impact family for your encouragement and pride in Emilia A. Ottoo and Dr. Richard E. Ottoo’s vision. Ottoo Brand Artivism is committed to the growth and endurance of the Impact family and the continuation of creative activism for community empowerment. Learn more about the linkage in the ABOUT section and support the work of New Heritage Theatre Group and Impact Repertory Theatre.


Keep in touch with Impact on their website: www.

Learn more about New Heritage Theatre Group: www.

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