The Maya Angelou Effect


OBA is proud to honor, celebrate, and actively embody the spirit of the late writer, professor, historian, singer, director and activist Dr. Maya Angelou; who recently passed away at the age of 86. A beautiful human being as well as a true ARTivist, Dr. Angelou paved roads across generations with more than her powerful poetry, literature and quotes read round the world…

…In addition to making history more than a few times, she was a constant activist. Engaged in her communities, an elegantly raging witness and voice against the turmoils of racism in America, a lover, supporter, and educator of Africa and its many cultures, and a constant empowerment to everyone from the under-served to celebrities and political icons. People of every age and every industry around the world continue to lift the name of the one and only Maya Angelou. And still WE rise…because she did.

#MayaAngelou  #MayaTaughtMe

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