Inspiration (and Career Motivation) from the Tony Awards

Every year, the American Theatre Wing Tony Awards boasts incredible performances, outrageous displays of artistry and design, historic award winners and a celebration of the Broadway community.

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Besides paying homage to all the winners and hard working professionals of the live stage, we want to highlight some resources and starting points for all the young or aspiring artists out there.

Artist: Hijack

Artist: Hijack

When it comes to your artistic career in music, theater or entertainment, you want to do your homework and keep your craft sharp. Here’s to getting focused about passion and professionalism:

Maybe you’re passionate about a career that’s not necessarily on stage? Research job opportunities, free panel discussions, internships or workshops by behind the scenes organizations like The Broadway League:

Before we close out, let’s get physical. Broadway performers do anywhere from 6-8 shows a week plus promos after rehearsals and previews…very demanding on the body and mind! Being in great condition, preventing injury, putting good food in your body and being strong mentally take practice, purpose and dedication. Take it from these pros:


  • How Broadway Actors Stay Healthy by Tamara Best of The New York Times: Everything from simply washing your hands and warming up in the morning to cold tomatoes and Himalayan salt lamps!
  • How to Work Out Like a Broadway Star by Jeryl Brunner of gets to the nitty-gritty of diet and exercise. Whether group classes or private sessions, weights or yoga, or just staying active throughout the day, stay ahead of injury and your workload by being in good shape.


How’s that for a start? Work hard and work smart and continue to be active about your dreams!!! Bonus: Scroll through some truth-telling retweets from @OttooBrand:

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